# E-Commerce

# Features

  1. .htaccess : Prevent SPA refresh issue
  2. .env : Configuration files for development & Production. app-extension-dotenv (opens new window)
  3. Axios :Axios (opens new window) for fetch request, Interceptors is used to handle token expairy.
  4. Vue Store : Vue Store is used to save cart information
  5. Persistance State : Persistance State (opens new window) LocalStorage used to save state
  6. JWT Passport Strategy : passport.js (opens new window) is used to authenticate user.
  7. Google Analytics : Google Analytics (opens new window) added script and events
  8. Payment Gateway : Instamojo (opens new window) Indian Payment Gateway which accept National and International Debit, Credit cards, UPI
  9. Allow payment as Guest : User can shop and make payment without login or Signup ie as a guest
  10. Multiple Shipping Address : System allow to save multiple Shiping address to save for future use
  11. Filter product : It auto detect the Unit and Price range and accordingly create filter options with a count to know how many items are listed in that particular option.
  12. Mini Cart : Mini Cart feature is available
  13. User Profile : User can update his profile, Avatar, Change Password.
  14. Board : Trello Style Board (opens new window) to get more info about the project.
  15. Front Page Slider : Two sliders Hot Deal, New Arrival managed by backend Portal just tag the product and slider will get updated accordingly.
  16. Tax Summary Display : GST Taxes summary to displayed clearly.
  17. Shipping Charges : Shipping Charges as caluclated as per postal Codes.
  18. Ordered History : User Order History is maintained.
  19. Order Tracking : Order Tracking feature is ready.
  20. Repeat Order : Repeat order with some changes to avoid time wastages in adding product to cart.
  21. Invoice PDF : Invoice PDF Download.
  22. Multiple Rate List : Feature different pricelist for different category of user's.

# Technology Stack