# Business Plus Plus ( English Version )

# Technical Benefits :

  1. Software is developed using latest technology and open source software.
  2. Works on Windows 7 onward both 32 & 64 Bit operating system. It works on both laptop & desktop computer.
  3. Zero dependancy software. No additional framewosk or software library required like ISAM, .Net Frameworks.
  4. No additional hardware is required for Marathi Software such as GIST Card Akruti Dongle Lock.
  5. Additinonal care taken for backup files so that virus threat is minimize.
  6. Upload backup on your site using FTP, If you don't have FTP Web Storage we will provide you encrypted backup storage.
  7. Network ready, It works on LAN network if software is installed and configure you can use software from any terminal.
  8. Online support will be provided using Remote Desktop Software.
  9. You attached any Dot Matrix, InkJet, LaserJet, BubbleJet, Tank Printer of any company or model software is ready for it. For Sales bill printing or receipts you can use Termal printer also.

# Company & Service Benefits :

  1. More than 300+ satisfied customer.
  2. It is used in 6+ APMC all over Maharashtra traders are using it.
  3. Company is more than 12 year old.
  4. Technically Qualified staff.
  5. Working on web-based solution that will be released soon.
  6. Latest release and patches are avaible on site for download. You can install it with technicaly qualified engineers.
  7. New installation software usage training is not limited with hours or days. Will provide training till user independantly uses applicaiton with confidence.
  8. We are in process of creating training videos for important computer and software modules so that user can watch the video repeatatively on his convinent time both on computer and mobile.

# Software Smart Features :

  1. Software save information with accuracy and provide data with speed.
  2. Software is easy to learn and understand.
  3. For Marathi typing we provide VegText, VetHead, Shivaji, Sarjudas Fonts.
  4. SMS from software facility is provided.
  5. We can fax Patti, Agent Memo. Can create image or PDF file to send it via WhatsApp.
  6. Auto Backup, If you save any data software detech data is updated then when you close the application software will take backup automatically.
  7. Its suitable for all Vegetables, Fruits, Onion, Potato, Garlic and food grain items, you can maintain accounts in Marathi or in English.
  8. Caret Inward, Outward, Ledger, Total and Receipt printing all operations related to caret are incorporated into software.
  9. Taxes or charges on Patti or Sales Bill can be changed whenever needed. Outstate Trading taxes of APMC taxes calculation methods are mostly itegrated.
  10. You can keep records of Vapasi.
  11. Import Container wise report.
  12. You can view past history of farmer, relative or other farmer in that locality can be view by one click.
  13. You can maintain books from April to March, Diwali to Diwali or from January to December or any such period suitable to you.
  14. You can create more than one company or year for your needs.
  15. If taxes are more than gross purchase in such case patti net amount goes to negative, in such case we can reduce taxes and make net amount to zero or nominal amount. Software allows to make changes in taxes and ficlitates to lock the patti. Howerever in future you can lock or un lock patti as many times you needed.
  16. Primary Dhada Book report can be reconfigured dynamically. E.G. to record sale of bag 2 space required is less than bag 10 we can increase or decrease distance between two items in the report
  17. It by default show you print preivew, however we can set page, orientation, left, right, bottom or top margine permanantly for that particular report.
  18. Two Inward goods entry modules are available Patti Book & Dhada Book.
  19. We can enter sales records first and then finalize purchase records that is possible. Software didn't force you to enter Inward first and then Outwards. You can keep pending Inwards and first finished with Outwards records and keep Inward pending no issues.
  20. Tally, Export to Excel optios are available.

# SMS Facility :

You can send SMS to Farmer, Customer. e.g. Details in patti like weight, rate, amount you have more than 15+ templates are available for it. you can send Patti or Memo to respecive parties. Customer daily bills along with his closing balance can be send through SMS. We have provided 6+ templaes for customer bill. All these SMS are send after sucessfull registration of your companies to TRAI you will get a Sender ID of your company name and all your sms will be send with that name only. Sending SMS is fastest method of exchanging the information in todays competative world.

# Online Backup :

You can parked your backup on your website using FTP protocol. If you don't have webstorage we will provide you storage at nominal charges. It compress your backup file and upload to website. On site this file get encrypted automatically so no one will able to read the backup files. How ever if you subscribed to backup facility you can upload all your previous year data no such restriction. Facility is for uploading Business Plus Plus backup software others files such as videos, audio or any other files are not allowed. You can check the rates here and to order please contact here

# Report List